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Bobby Kennedy’s Closing Remarks at The Real Debate Last Night


In his closing remarks at The Real Debate last night, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. made clear why he is so incredibly different than the two uniparty candidates.

Kennedy was excluded from the debate between Biden and Trump. Because of this move by CNN, Kennedy decided to inject himself into the debate by streaming “The Real Debate” on the social media platform X, which had been viewed by more than 10 million people at the time of publishing this post. Afterwards, Kennedy was interviewed on Fox News where he gave his perspective on how sad the uniparty debate was.

Kennedy’s closing remarks covered many more topics than the CNN debate, and should be heard by every American before they decide who they will be voting for. You can watch the video of his closing remarks at the top of this post, or read the transcript below:

Transcript of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s closing remarks:

In 2013, there was a poll taken that asked young people under 35 in this country, are you proud of the United States? 85% said yes.

The same poll taken five months ago, 18% said yes.

So somehow, during the administration of these two presidents, an entire generation of Americans has lost pride in our country and hope in their own futures. And they feel that way because they see what's happening.

They can't get into a home. This is the first generation in history in America that is going to live worse lives than their parents.

They see the vitriol that you saw here, the division, the polarization that makes them disgusted with politics.

They're seeing the corrupt merger of state and corporate power that has transformed our agencies from the CIA, health agencies, the environmental agencies, into sock puppets for the industries they're supposed to regulate.

They're seeing the destruction of our soils, the destruction of our air and water.

They're watching this happen, and the politicians do nothing about it except for hate on each other.

If you want more of the same, you should vote for President Biden, President Trump. You know what's going to happen. You know that. They're going to give you four more years of the same stuff.

If you want things to completely change, you're going to support me because I'm going to change everything.

This is a moral battle for the soul of our nation to restore our moral authority around the world by projecting economic power abroad rather than spending $8 trillion on regime change wars that have left every nation we've touched worse off than we found it and restoring our moral authority here at home.

The first day in office -- you heard what they're going to do. You don't even understand it.

Here's what I'm going to do. Day one in office I'm going to issue an executive order saying any federal official who tells a lie to the American public will lose his job.

I'm going to stop the surveillance state.

I'm going to stop the propagandizing by our agencies of the American public.

I'm going to unravel the war machine.

I'm going to unravel the corrupt merger of state and corporate power.

I know how to do it. I've been litigating against these agencies for years, and I'm uniquely suited to do this.

But I can tell you, I'm going to do these things when I get in there. I'm going to make sure that our Constitution is protected, that AI is deployed to make the government more transparent rather than by the government to enslave the rest of us.

I'm going to bring AI home and blockchain home because we need these new industries to grow our way out of the debt crisis.

This is something that these two aren't even talking about.

If you want everything to change, you'll support me.

If you want to vote out of fear, you need to support one of those.

Guys, if you want to vote out of hope, out of inspiration, out of pride in your country, out of restoring the moral backbone of our people and our nation, you should vote for me.

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