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I was quite interested in this issue because my son is in med school. So I researched the distinctions you mention. As I understand it, when medical students complete 4 years of med school and pass two USMLE exams (US Medical Licensing Examination) (8 hours and 9 hours respectively), they have earned the MD degree. However, they cannot practice medicine independently until they have served their residency and passed a third lengthy exam. Not all med students are accepted by residency programs (about 20% of them are not). Those who are accepted, pursue their chosen specialty (like pediatrics or surgery) where they work for 3 - 5 years, depending on specialty. They are paid by the hospital and work under supervision of senior doctors. MDs who were not accepted can pursue careers in medicine in other ways, like as a Physician's Asst or researcher. So it may be that Neitzel finished med school but was not accepted by any residency programs or chose not to practice medicine but go into medical journalism. Either way, the term "medical expert" for someone right out of med school who never practiced medicine independently is clearly a gross exaggeration. I am disappointed in journalists who do not check the bonafides of their sources.

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Outstanding analysis!

Thank you for this!

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